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Translation necessary?

Science and industry are two completely different worlds. Here a focus on exploration of innovative practices, there the conversion into marketable products in the race for costs with competitors. However, the juxtaposition of academics versus practitioners isn't helpful in our international business world. It is crucial for a technology location, to generate successful synergies from the tension between scientific innovation and industrial production.

At CogniMed, we speak (and understand) both languages: that of research-based science and that of the market-oriented company. Our team includes Prof. Dr. Martin Ryschka and Prof. Dr. Petra Margaritoff, two established researchers at universities. On the other hand, Frank Willers and Holger Panier have many years of experience as a developer in biomedical technology. Thus, also production-oriented thinking plays a major role in our projects. This close connection between the latest scientific findings and practical realization constitutes an essential aspect in the success of our work.