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The large family of microcontrollers... have you ever tried to remember the relationships of a large family? Who gets along well with whom? Where are inevitable conflicts? And who again was the daughter of this uncle, that was the brother of the aunt, who twenty years ago ...?

Microcontrollers (MCU, μC) are the central components in circuit technology. They are organized into families and the knowledge of individual properties (and characteristics!) of a microcontroller is crucial for the function of an entire assembly. In a MCU family, there are for example cheaper versions for simple requirements and high-end versions with additional hardware capabilities. Within a family and functions may be added later. Bus-variants can network microcontrollers with each other. There are μC-variants especially designed for low-power applications. And like any family, μC-families are constantly changing!

We keep track here and are familiar with the entire spectrum of 4 to 32-bit , 512-byte to 256 kB Flash. We know the market and the manufacturers. For you, this simply means that the choice of the optimal controller just for your application.

So if you want to know exactly whether you can pair family members of Atmel and Freescale, Fujitsu and Infineon, Microchip or NXP , Renesas , Samsung, ST or TI together  (of course: on a board), ask our family tree experts!